Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Some D&D monsters from my girlfriend

My girlfriend and I sometimes message each other at work.
She doesn't like D&D, not any more. I still haven't managed to bait her into coming to a session yet, despite telling her that it isn't the same game (4e) we played before and it's much more fun and much less combatty.
Oh well, but since she writes she likes coming up with things with me.
This is one of those times.

The Drill Man

me:  so ok, i'm trying to work out how I'd make a man called the Drill Man scary
giving something scary a benign sort of name works well
like the Thin Man, The Rake, Quiet Men, Granny Rags
but drills are pretty scary anyway so it'd have to be something unexpectedly horrifying, not just a dude with a big drill who comes after you
K:  His fingernails turn into drills that he uses to lobotomise you
me:  christ
K:  Which leaves you able to think
but not communicate
and then he makes you watch while he does it to the rest of your family
but because you can't communicate you can't help them
me: you can invent all the monsters from now on

Drill Man
MV 120' (40') AC 12 HD 2 ATK 1 (drill fingers) DMG 1d4+special SV F2 ML 9
special:  Has Stealth 5 and Sneak Attack 4. If he attacks you while you're unconscious he starts to lobotomise you. You wake up but cannot speak or move as you lose d6 WIS per round. At 0HP all you can do is watch as he moves towards your friends.

Unfortunately this is the only image I could find for drill fingers.

Manny and Quinn

Some backstory –
One night, because I do this sort of thing from time to time, I asked her what she’d do if an animated mannequin walked through our bedroom door. She said she’d chop it up, which I said would be fine until the hand started crawling up from the foot of the bed.
She got really scared because it was late and we’d just watched Fringe, so to talk her down I invented this story about how it was a nice mannequin who was friends with her and she hung out with him and stuff and she was much less scared. 
Anyway, he is called Manny and his girlfriend is named Quinn and they are great together.

me:  i still think the mannequin people are super cute though, I'll use them as things that were meant to be creepy but turn out sweet
manny and kim, was it?
Kathryn:  Manny and Quin
me:  ok!
it'll be like proper horror thing, probably if they go rob someone's house
when one of the party is alone, one of them walks in
if they attack the mannequin it acts like a normal person and runs and hides
K:  You're going to kill Manny and Quinn? ;-;
me:  psh they won't die because they can fix each other
K: upon closer inspection of the house, all of the photos have Manny and Quinn in them, often in photos on vacation, etc.
me:  brilliant
K: OH, and they can have a wedding photo!
me:  haha yep ok writing this all down
perfect creepy location to ratchet up the dread and the should-we-even-fucking-stay-here
but twist - they are a normal couple
it is just difficult for them since they can't speak
except, presumably, to each other
K:  Sign language
me:  I guess they have fingers if they're full size mannequins
I want them to have little poseable men as children now too
child sized mannequins and they swap the parts to larger sizes as they get older
K:  Hahaha yes
me:  Oh and they always have stylish clothes and do a lot of their purchases via proxy
K:  Indeed.
maybe Quinn is a fashion designer for high society
which makes them a good target for thieves which sets up this whole thing
me:  Good idea.
K: Manny can be a male model
me:  for sure!
but they're very reclusive and mysterious because they don't want people to know that they're mannequins
K:  Precisely!
me:  I like it a lot
K:  I like you a lot

Manny and Quinn
Stats as unarmoured humans. Act as normal humans in all respects except that they are mannequins and can't speak. Parts can move independently if removed but they are not violent people and will do anything to protect each other and their kids.

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