Monday 27 May 2013

Crits and Fumbles

This article is now old

I made new and better tables here -

I love crits and fumbles. They're the bomb.
Swingy combat, massive potential for my DM plans to be screwed up, and all around good old fashioned gore.
Plus, crits and fumbles generate table stories like nothing else!
Trouble is, if I just make up additional effects myself I can't help but rule in their favour. I'm a huge softie. And if I introduce something like this, I want it to apply to the enemies too. It's only fair.

The DM grins widely.

So here's the deal.
Nat 1 or nat 20, you have to roll again to confirm.
Fighters get to add their level to the confirm roll because they're fighty. This means fighters never choke on their crit confirms and never double-fumble on their fumble rolls, which seems fine to me!

Confirm Fumble

1 : You really fucked up this time! Roll twice on Fumble table.
2 – 10: Roll on Fumble table.
11 – 19: Regular miss.
20: Recover! Reroll to hit.

Confirm Crit

On crit:
1 : Roll damage as normal – You choked!
2 – 10: Regular crit - Max weapon damage
11 – 19: Roll on Overcrit table
20: Roll twice on Overcrit table – MASSIVE DAMAGE!

Then if you lucked out (or fucked up) you get to roll d100 on the bigger tables!

D100 roll
01 – 05
Glancing blow
Half weapon damage to target.
06 – 10
Weapon twists
Half weapon damage, but lose next action
11 – 15
Weapon(s) tangled
Self and opponent lose next action, 25% chance to drop weapons
16 - 20
Drop weapon
Weapon on ground, one round action to retrieve
21 – 25
As above, but not immediately retrievable
26 – 30
Fumble weapon
Lose next action as you recover
31 – 35
Hit wrong target
Hit another nearby (randomly determined)
36 – 40
Caught on gear
Sacrifice action to untangle – 1-3 on a d6 for success. Dex applies.
41 – 49
Hit yourself
Half damage to self.
Weapon breaks
Quarter damage to you and target, weapon broken.
51 – 55
Foot slips
Slip over, fall prone.
56 – 60
Bump ally
Both lose next action.
61 – 65
Bump enemy
As above, randomly determine
66 – 70
Full stumble
Fall against someone sending both sprawling, randomly determine
71 – 75
Off balance
Lose next action, +d4 to attacks against you next round
76 – 80
Hit yourself hard
Full damage to self.
81 – 85
Twist ankle
Lose next turn, limp for next 1d20 minutes
86 – 90
Throw weapon
Hits a random combatant. Full damage.
91 – 92
Hit yourself harder
Full damage to self, +d4 to attacks against you next round.
93 - 94
Weapon snaps
Half damage to self and enemy from shards/shock/etc
Weapon shatters
Full damage to self and enemy
96 – 97
Hit and stun ally
Full damage, ally loses next turn
Crit ally
Crit your closest friend
Overcrit yourself
Roll twice on this table. Rolling this again stacks.

D100 Roll
01 – 10
Huge Hit
Max damage, plus reroll damage and add to total.
11 – 20
Max damage, +d4 to attack/damage on target next round
21 – 30
Max damage, enemy prone and cannot act next round
31 – 40
Max damage, random leg useless. Enemy crippled.
41 – 50
Max damage, random arm useless. Stuff in hand dropped.
55 – 60
Max damage, enemy takes -2 to attack/damage until pass CON check
61 – 65
Blinding Blow
Max damage, enemy attacks at -d4 for d4 rounds.
66 – 70
Stunning Blow
Max damage, enemy cannot act for d4 rounds
71 – 75
Force Fumble
Max damage, enemy rolls on critical fumble table
76 – 80
Max damage, make an attack against another target
81 – 85
Armour Buster
Max damage, enemy armour takes two Notches.
86 – 90
Max damage, enemy stunned, prone, -2 to attack/damage, -2 AC.
91 – 93
As Huge Hit, plus keep rolling attacks against target until you miss.
94 – 97
Double max damage, plus reroll damage and add to total
98 – 99
Instant kill, no saves
Monster Crit
Roll twice on this table, rolling this result again stacks.

This was all made a long while ago and originally pertained to 4e so the results are a bit hokey now.
Between this and the Hack & Slash death crit table, I sure do see a lot of injuries!