Monday, 27 January 2014

Gothenburg's Prime Gameables

I just came back from Sweden because that's something which you can do from this country.
The location: Gothenburg (or, more properly, Göteborg), which had a museum with Vikings and shit in it.
I took many pictures so I'll tuck them in after a jump because I am nice and don't want to waste all of your internet.

Here are some things I wrote down rather than taking photos, presented as a table of misc things:

1. Thin silver coins from around the world, stamped with images from legends of the land they were minted.
2. Chaos sword that looks as shitty and lumpy as dug up Viking swords look now.
3. Two kings throw dice to decide who owns a piece of land. They both roll double sixes the first time. They both roll double sixes the second time. The third time one rolls double sixes, the other rolls double sixes but one die splits in two to show a seven. The kings shake hands and part amiably, ownership of the land decided.
4. A gold ring which, on every ninth night, creates 8 duplicates.
5. Thunder and lightning are not scary because it is just Thor doing his job killing evil giants.
6. Flying longship is big enough to carry all the gods, yet folds neatly into a pocket.

Now for many pictures.

 -Humans arrive
-The barns are filled
-God becomes visible
-Society takes shape
-History starts to be written

This is pretty rad treasure, but also note the zany key. The green glass was more valuable than any of the other stuff on the necklace.

Rad giant chess piece

Behold a poem for the ages.

Iron door, plus scale.

"Hey James! Dragon egg holders!"

Huge fucking key. No wonder thieves pick locks pretty easy, you could probably just reach in through the keyhole and turn the knob from the other side!

This trading game was awesome and I will cover it in a later post.

 Early modern section?!

All spellbooks are this big now.

Ahah! My "hurr it is big awkward low value coins hurr" DM dick move has a basis in reality!

This was cool, I like the earthwork ramparts.

Real neat idea, plus - treasure!

I have no idea what this is but it's a magic club now.

Mancatchers are REAL! And a fuckhueg sword!

More early modern things.

You know you want a nice bath after a good day of rape and pillage.

 Half masks are creepy as fuck.

A lantern on a pole!

 Churchy loot!

Sometimes the chest is more valuable than the treasure.

 Lid of a Welcome vessel, also good as loot.

 Giant quakers are assholes.

A cool ship.

Combination science/medicine kit. All this stuff made me realise how crazy bulky everything is that adventurers might want to carry around.

How big are all these doors!?

A cart, this type would be pushed around by a dude, not pulled.

The portrait is there to put everything into... *beat* ... scale.

Furniture-based loot is best loot.

Models are cool. Scale models would make awesome maps for the PCs to find.

Finally, pytt i panna is delish and you should make it because it only takes about ten minutes.


  1. Wow, how awesome. Found the rest of that poem from the top here:
    It's from an Icelandic saga (of course). The page above concludes the poem with this: "..."And then they tore the woven cloth from the loom and ripped it to pieces, each keeping the shred she held in her hands... The women mounted their horses and rode away, six to the south and six to the north."

    Read that to your players at the start of your next campaign to set the mood, I dare you.

    Also: that king rolled a 13 on 2d6. "What, were they using 'exploding' dice rules?" "No dude, he rolled a THIRTEEN on 2d6." So hardcore.

    Thanks for sharing this amazing stuff.

  2. These are excellent. The world needs more magic clubs. (I'll go put a couple in the House of House immediately.)

    I also enjoyed the splitting dice story. If it ever happened at my table, I figure my players can keep whatever number they find inside.