Sunday, 21 April 2013

LotFP Encumbrance Calculator: Part Two

Alright, time to finish this post off!

Once again, you can find the calculator here. Duplicate or download as you will.
And if anybody's out there who wants to know how all the parts fit together, follow along in your exercise book. There will be a quiz.

Part 1 is here.

The Second Sheet

This section is simply for unencumbering items and other notes on the things the players have. Moving on.

The Third Sheet

A separate encumbrance sheet for henchmen, also includes loyalty value. Otherwise identical to the first sheet.

The Fourth Sheet

Total Wealth

Total Value is a useful one. Since everybody is bad at maths at my table, knowing how much value they have total amid their innumerable coins is a good thing to know.
Silver standard with 10 copper to the silver and 50 silver to the gold.
If you use different monetary values, you'll want to change this.

Total Coins
 Merely adds up the actual number of gold, silver and copper pieces.

100 coins of any denomination to the Encumbrance slot.
So this divides the Total Coins by 100, then rounds up to the nearest whole number.
Subtract 1 because otherwise a single coin takes up a slot.
This would make someone with no coins have a negative encumbrance slot, so MAX means the cell has a minimum value of zero.
Change the 100 to however many coins you think somebody should fit in an encumbrance slot.
Gold Wealth
This is just their total wealth in terms of gold.

Bank Balance
This simply pulls from the next page so I can read everyone's fortunes at once

The Fifth Sheet

I added this one after the players started banking their cash to make it harder to steal. Turns out you can use it for proper banking in real life too!

Initial Deposit
The amount deposited. If they deposit more cash just treat the new total as a new initial deposit and start it over.

Interest Rate
The interest rate in decimal. This bank gives a mere 2% interest but it turns out that's normal outside of Australia. Who knew?

No. Months
Self explanatory. My bank clocks over profit at the end of each month because it's already more complex than it needs to be. Not that the players know that of course.

Current Total
The standard compound interest formula, outputs the amount of money in the bank, with interest.

Because sometimes players want to know that they've earned 5 copper so far on their investment (wooooooooow).

The Sixth Sheet

This one is just for tracking some general stuff at the game table.

Dice Roller
Oh but this one's good to know! Pick a random number between 1 and 100 in this case. Good for rolling funky dice which you can't find or went under the table or for using d30 tables if you don't have one.
Change the last number to a die size to roll a die with that many sides
I use it at work when I'm on my lunch break if I feel like prepping.

A simple HP tracker because my group reeaally sucks at maths.

I also track who has what spells here, mainly for the Muscle Wizard who gets bonuses based on the spells he hasn't cast.

Phew, done! Next time: Something you might actually find not boring.

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