Friday, 7 February 2020

Secret Santicorn 2019: The Breakdown

This post is just a link to DIY & Dragons who has organised aaaaall the Secret Santicorn stuff we did in the Discord at the end of last year!

Secret Santicorn 2019

There's some really great content in there, I think making stuff for other people really makes people put in all the effort!
Big shout out to what is obviously the best one, the one Spwack made for me!

Feels weird to have such a short post with no pictures stolen from a google image search, so please enjoy this sandwich alignment chart.
Bring it out next time you're out with friends or on a date and I guarantee a good quarter hour of conversation.

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  1. Ah, but little did you know that adventurers of your post-apocalyptic world were viewing your blog, and now have the inside track on monsters of the ash wastes!

    ...I mean, actually, you knew that very well... but imagine if you hadn't! Cheers for the link James, and the philosophical dissection of sandwich ideology