Monday, 31 August 2015

I'm Writing a LotFP Thing!

So hey, this is exciting. Not only have I got a magic item and a monster into the Referee book, as a result James Raggi himself asked me if I want to make a thing.

So the general outline so far is like:

The Royal Forest of Rutland once existed across a vast swathe of south-east England. In the 13th century, most of the laws protecting the royal forests were removed.

In time the Forest of Rutland would be deforested.
It should not have been.

Deep inside, protected for centuries by the Verderers and the Forest Law, a great wen of rotting mould and organic matter swells and pulses.
It does not hunger, for hunger implies sentience.
It does not wish to infest all mankind, for wishes imply will.

That it consumes us, fills us, causes us to spread it across the land and reduce our civilisation to dust. That is not its will.
It is simply what the mould has evolved to do.


  • A sandbox on a similar scale to Better Than Any Man
  • A slow (but random!) spread of infestation across the countryside
  • Less "fungal zombie plague" and more "gin riots". A cheap drug-analog causing societal fuckery and breakdown of the status quo
  • A focus on relationship maps and human-scale issues over dungeons
  • Still some dungeons though, let's be real
  • LotFP-grade world fuckery possible
  • Ergot poisoning for good or ill
  • Witchhunters
  • Opportunists
  • Addicts and madness
  • Prophets and loss

But The Doom That Came to Rutland amuses me. 
Rutland Water drowned a whole lot of villages when it was formed which means I can say THIS IS WHY, and the tiny county's motto means Much in Little which would surely be easy to twist into ominousness.


  1. "Ergot poisoning for good or ill"... YES! We need more ergot poisoning in our faux Renaissance games!
    Looking forward to it.

  2. Congrats James. That is super exciting. Look forward to the finished product. Really, this is such a cool nod to your quality game output.

  3. this looks awesome, can't wait to see the final product