Friday, 28 February 2014

Roll monster HD on d6+1 because you have more of those

So you're like me and you want to line up all the monster HD in front of you and click the numbers down as they take damage so that you can dramatically throw the depleted HDs into the dice box as the monsters lose them.
It's like they're knocking chunks off the enemy and leads to occasional "woah what there are still dice behind there? How beefy is this guy!?" moments.

You own fistfuls of d6s but only like five d8s.

Xd8 and Xd6+X have similar probability curves.
Just roll those d6s, line them up, then click each one up by one!


One downside: It's more consistent. I am willing to overlook this flaw due to the advantages of acting aghast when someone knocks out three hit dice in one blow.

I even made a graph, now you know it's legit.

I guess you could do the line-up-your-HP thing for players too so they can track their HP more easily and everyone can see how hurt they are at a glance. That sounds pretty fun.

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