Thursday, 28 March 2013


Hi there, I'm James and I'm new.

Today I woke up and the title of this blog was in my head, and because I think it's insufferably clever it seems to be a sign to actually make one.

I've been lurking within the OSR for a few years now, even while I was running 4e and ham-fistedly trying to apply old school logic and houserules to a new school rules-heavy system. Since I'm fairly new to this whole old school thing, it might be interesting to see how I improve!
Currently I'm running some ridiculous frankenstein system of LotFP and assorted house rules plucked, fluffed and fiddled with from other people's blogs.

For now, this is mainly for my own sake. I figure I'd better have some actual content up first before I try to join the OSR proper.

Expect session reports, other people's ideas rehashed into a less cohesive whole by accident, and hopefully the occasional actual good idea.

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