Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Monster: Packed Wolves

For The Hexenbracken.

The Packed Wolves, sometimes known as Wolves in Wolves' Clothing or Matryoshka Wolves, are a bizarre type of magical creature occasionally found in areas inundated by magic and cold.

They can go unnoticed in areas for some time since they seem to be normal wolves, save for their ravenous appetites.

However, whenever a Packed Wolf is hurt, an entire other wolf bursts out of its mouth, and so on.
It is unknown just how many wolves a Packed Wolf can contain within itself, but sages agree that it is "too many".

Once their prey is defeated, the Packed Wolves devour its carcass together. Then they jump, one by one, back into the mouth of the least hurt wolf to rest and recuperate.

Tales are told of a clever farm boy luring a Packed Wolf into a deep pit of jagged spikes and thereby feeding his village throughout the winter.

This is the best I could do

Stat block as wolf.
MV 60 AC 14/7 HD 2+2 ATK 1 DMG 1d6 SV F1 ML 8

oh my gosh they're real!

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