Saturday 24 May 2014

Quick Class Breakdowns

Here they are, all the tweaked/new classes in one package.
And it's a PDF so you know I'm a class act. Get it. Hohoho.

Click here to download

To make it easier for people, particularly newbies, to pick a class I created these handouts. 
Each has a quick summary, a larger bit of inspirational text to get them in the groove, and then the special rules they have. It's nice for people to have a sheet of paper next to their character sheet for them to look over at their leisure, and it insulates people from learning all the rules at once.
If you're a fighter you don't need to know how magic works mechanically, and it can be a nice surprise when somebody does something like Cleave and everybody else goes "woah you can do that?" because they haven't seen those rules yet. 

For explanations as to why I made the changes I did, look to the posts I've done on classes this past couple of months.

In more detail,
Muscle Wizard

Dwarven Lorebonds. 
Elven heartspell stuff (updated when necessary - ie. a player's elf gets near that level)

Also necessary, the Chaos Burst tables. I use Excel roll a d20000 and look up the result!
Chaos Burst 1
Chaos Burst 2
Both Elves and Magic Users are affected by Chaos Bursts (Muscle Wizards never get interrupted, Necromancers just blast out uncontrolled death)


  1. Currently this looks ideal for players, but there seems to lack additional info (such as the fey hearthspell table). I think it could be a good idea to have a version which has all data needed to generate a character, tables included, in a single doc.

  2. Yea I'll get round to it, unfortunately this is the extent of the heartspell table at the moment -

    My plan is to invent new mutations as an elf increases in level. All elves start with pointy ears because I'm lazy more than anything, and when someone plays an elf I'll make sure to keep a couple of steps ahead of the player.

  3. Do you have the numbers for your classes online anywhere? For example, I don't see how many experience points I would need to level a necromancer from level 3-4 and what his saving throws are.

    1. Very good point! That stuff is all in the back of the house rule document (
      and the individual class posts (

      In general, the nonstandard classes use the HP/Saves/Exp of whatever regular class they're closest to. So Necromancers level as Magic-Users and Barbarians level as Fighters, etc.